4/6/2020 online, Absents: Xanthi

We worked on unit 103 in the Grammar book and we practised using the prepositions at/ in/ on.

We also discussed some new NAV from unit 7.

Ss were presented with some information concerning fever and the way we can deal with it.


Grammar p. 217 ex. 5

Study NAV

pain Sophia had a pain in her leg.  Maybe she broke it.
X-ray machine The doctor used the  X-ray machine to check Sophia’s knee.
 came back My dad came back from work at six yesterday.
computer screen My eyes are tired! I spent a lot of time in front of a computer screen!
a pair of binoculars Sophia’s friend gave her a pair of binoculars! Now she can watch them playing football.
fever “I’m not feeling well. I feel hot.” “Yes, you’ve got a fever.”
temperature It’s a nice day today. The temperature is 28°C.
virus/viruses Viruses make people ill.