B 28/5/20 Elena

Zoom 17>> 28/5/20 >> 6.30-8.00

Present their writings favourite singer

NAV 7.6 revise + add new > IWB nb

  1. The singer could feel the vibrations as the stage was shaking under her feet.
  2. Cathy used a rubber band to tie the letters together.
  3. I can’t untie the string around the package. It’s too tight.
  4. My grandfather is doing gentle exercise. He’s old so he can’t practise hard.
  5. I would like an ice cream. Can I have one mum, please?
  6. Thank you but I wouldn’t like anything to eat now. I’m not hungry.

Es.Gr iU: If we go…If you see…(1st Conditional)….Unit 99 (ex1,3,4)

Try to play live:



Check wb p89


sGiU u99 ex 1,3,4


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