C 1/10/20 Elena


Aims: Reading and Vocabulary -Identity – who are you?


U1 warm up –  Ask students if they can guess what an identity box is.

ActVoc u1.1 – record in nbs https://quizlet.com/532056695/test?answerTermSides=2&promptTermSides=6&questionCount=11&questionTypes=4&showImages=true

  1. -I don’t really know who she hangs out with.
  2. – Bill’s so messy. He doesn’t even tidy up his room.
  3. – Can you find how to make cupcakes in the recipe book?
  4. – The children were collecting shells on the beach.
  5. –  I’m really bad at chess. I always lose when I play! (brilliant at/terrible at)
  6. –  Kevin’s mother is really bossy. She even tells Kevin what he should wear or eat!
  7. – I feel much more confident about myself and my abilities these days.
  8. – I’ve always been interested in music. I like singing and playing musical instruments.
  9. – Daniel’s very keen on tennis. He plays it almost every day!
  10. – We have similar tastes in music. We both like jazz.
  11. – I always get stressed before exams. I can’t sleep and I worry that I’ll fail.


Reading practice ex. 2+ 4 p 10,11

Speaking and Summarise  ex. 6+7 p 11

Play matching game with new vocabulary:




Study voc in nb (https://quizlet.com/532056695/flashcards)

SB p11 ex5

Reading + bring your box to present