C 11/2/21 Elena


Aims: reading skills// test understanding of modals/conditionals// nav

Check sb p44 ex1-2-5

Tell them about writing – commend on ss’ achievements

Suggest improvements

U5 warm up ex1-2 p58

Test understanding of modals/conditionals

Reading for gist ex. 3 page 58

Reading for detail ex. 4 page 58

reading+speaking -reading com -expansion

Speaking consolidation ex. 7+8 page 59

Nav 5.1

  1. If you’re nervous about performing, imagine the audience isn’t there.
  2. My sister loves being in the spotlight, but I get really nervous on stage.
  3. The plan is strongly supported by local politicians.
  4. We sat in the front row, so we could see the screen clearly.
  5. We were planning to go to the cinema but we ended up watching a movie at home.
  6. People often forget that even celebrities have the right to some privacy for their


  1. I wouldn’t like to be rich and famous because of all this negative attention I would

get from people.

  1. She has been absent from work due to illness.


OWB x3 reading