Catch up with previous H/W. Check spelling : “The cheese is near the mice. The flower is in the water.”

Review animals. (crocodile, hippo, lion, elephant, parrot, zebra, monkey, snake, tiger, bear) use pics and Ss write down the name of the animals.

Review present simple 3rd person QnAs (preferences). T uses smartnotebook . “Does Henry like apples? Yes he does/ No, he doesn’t. 

Review prepositions of place. Video “Where is Chester the cat?”

Students book, p.30 “Animal Families” Aim: Ss can talk and recognize different animal families : mammals, reptiles, birds, insects. New Voc: family group, part of, features, different from, lizard, owl, duck, butterfly, beetle, hair, lay, egg ,scales, blood, feathers, warm. Practice ex 1,2 p.30

H/W: Project, Make an animal family group display.

Copy x2 : Birds and insects lay eggs but insects don’t have feathers.

Workbook p. 30 ex. 1,2,

p. 31 ex.1, 2