Catch up with previous H/W

Check Spelling through word game on smart notebook.

Introduce Unit 2 “The zoo”

Present and practice wild animals :zebra, monkey, hippo, parrot, snake, bear, tiger, crocodile, zoo.

Use of E-Book material flashcards. T says the word for each animal and shows flashcard. Ss repeat in chorus. (3 -4 times)

Then T shows the flashcard and asks each S.


Ss look at the chant, read it silently on their own. T plays the recording. Ss listen and follow on their books. Play the recording again, pausing in each verse for Ss to repeat. Then the whole class does the chant together.

H/W :Workbook p.22 ex.1

Copy x2 : “Hippo, zebra, bear, parrot, tiger, all are there!”