Check previous H/W:

  1. Check Workbook p.7 ex.1
  2. Collect Workbooks
  3. Check stickers from Intro Unit. —-> Ss come in turns on board and write the correct answer.
  4. Give Ss back their spelling notebooks

Unit 1 “My Day”

  • Present and practice daily routines
  • Chant

T shows on board a pic. of a house…Elicits from Ss Room voc. ex. “This is the kitchen“, “This is the bedroom”, etc.

Then T uses the units flashcards and mimes to present the new Voc. ‘Get up, get dressed, have breakfast, brush your teeth, go to school, have lunch, play in the park, have dinner, go to bed,’ 

T holds up each flashcard Ss say the phrase in chorus.

Coursebook p.10 ex.1

Ss say who they can see (from the book characters) and which rooms they can see.

T plays the recording. Ss point to the actions and the words , then Ss repeat and mime the actions.


Chant p.10

New Voc. crunch, munch

T plays the chant Ss follow the chant.

T plays the chant again pausing after each verse , Ss repeat.

Finally Ss chant in chorus.


End of the lesson:

Presentation of the project “My classroom” Each S come on board to present his/her project.


Copy x2 : ‘Get up, get dressed, have your breakfast, brush your teeth.’

Workbook p.10 ex.1   🙂