Check previous H/W:

  • Workbook p.10 ex1
  • Check copy / spelling  (on board words with missing letters)
  • Review daily routines (mime, flashcards)
  • Nominate SOTW

Present and Practice P.S. Q n’ A with when : When do you have breakfast ?

At nine o’clock .

Present and practice asking ‘n telling the time : What’s the time?

It’s nine o’clock.

T draws on board a clock, then elicits/teaches  the time from the Ss. Then we practice with other times of the clock.

Ss in pairs QnA “When do you brush your teeth ? At eight o’clock. etc.



Workbook p.11 ex 1,2

Copy x2 and Spelling

i) What’s the time? It’s eight o’clock

ii) When do you have breakfast? At seven o’clock .