Check previous H/W:

  • Spelling :What’s the time? It’s 8 o’clock. When do you have breakfast? At seven o’clock .
  •  Workbook p.11 ex.1,2

Review daily routines n’ time.

T draws a clock on board, elicits from Ss “What’s the time? It’s nine o’clock” “When do you go to bed/play in the park/get up/have lunch?” “At 8 o’clock…etc.”

Flashcards daily routines. Ss in turns watch and say the routines then the whole class repeat.


Sing a song with the class. p.12

New VOC. ‘have a shower, eat dinner, drink some tea, and then, What a funny thing to do, What can we do with you. ‘

T elicits from Ss What is strange with Mr. Blue.

Play the song. Ss follow the song on their books. Play the song again. Pause after each verse for Ss to repeat. Practice all together , Karaoke version.

Ss draw Mr. Blue

Workbook p.12 ex.1 in class

Practice collocations (word cards)


Copy /Spelling : Mr Blue what a funny thing to do.

Then I have lunch and drink some tea.