Christine/PR2 /M-W/20-01-21

  • Check previous H/W
  • Check copy
  • Workbook ex.1 p.38 in class (listening activity)
  • Review places
  • Next : What people do there? smartnotebook oral activity
  • Text p.40 ex.1 Reading (Ss read the text and search for specific info.)
  • P.40 ex. 2 answer the Questions (breakout rooms)
  • P.41 (oral activity) Guessing Game “I want new shoes…Where should I go?”
  • Workbook p.40 ex. 1 in class


  • H/W: p.40 ex.3 (writing) Write about your favorite place.
  •            Workbook p.40 ex.2    p.41 ex.1