Costas/A class/29-09-2020


present NAV



warm up, revise months-Quizlet

SB p 6 revise and present NAV

Task 1, T. presents ‘plus-minus-equals’

Task 2, Ss work in pairs and solve the equations.

SB p 7 revise and present NAV

Task 3, T. presents ordinal numbers

WB p1 ex 2

SB p 7 present and practise target language, ‘whens your birthday?’



study NAV

1.thousand ‘How do we write one thousand euros in numbers?’ 1,ooo

2.million ‘How do we write one million euros in numbers?’ 1,ooo,000

3.billion ‘How do we write one billion euros in numbers?’ 1,ooo,000,000 ‘Ten plus thirty equals forty.’

5.minus ‘Thirty minus ten equals twenty.’

6.twenty-first ‘When is your birthday?’ ‘The twenty-first of December.’