Costas/A level/T-TH/1-12-2020/online



identify and use more nouns related to places


present NAV

warm up-revise voc

present voc

practise voc

p34 ex 1

apply voc p34 ex2

WB p19 ex2

WBp21 ex 2

check HW


study NAV

WB p21 ex1

1. behind I can’t see Mary. She’s behind the door.

2. between My house is between the park and the bank. You can’t miss it!

3. next to Mary sits next to Helen at school.

4. opposite My house is opposite my school.

5. in front of I always park my car in front of my house.

6. corner “Where’s the museum?” “It’s opposite the museum. It’s on the corner of Main Street.”

7. directions “Where’s the sports centre?” “I don’t know. Let’s ask for directions.”

8. turn right/left At the end of the street, turn right/left.

9. go straight on Turn right and then go straight on Main Street.