Costas/A Level/T-TH/15-10-2020



  • use time phrases before and after
  • identify the difference between the time phrases
  • describe daily routines
  • revise verb ‘to be’


  • activate prior knowledge
  • set the stage and ask Qs. Ss match daily routines to time phases.
  • contextualise by drawing clocks and Ss talk about activities.
  • practise grammar SB p16 ex1
  • WB p8 ex3
  • Revise verb “be”. Present a girl through the web diagram and ask your Ss to do the same.
  • Practice through GIU: pg. 13, ex. 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.6


GIU: pg. 13, ex. 1.1, 1.5