Costas/A level/T-TH/2-2-2021/online



present NAV

outline steps in a sequence

show what they learnt from a text

explain how sth works


present NAV

warm up new lessson

present the text with graphic literacy

Draw a KWL table so Ss get info about hot air balloons

SB p52 ex1 Ss listen and follow, then T asks comprehension Qs

SB ex2 practise the reading text

wrap up, Ss make their own T,F ex

Ss apply the sequence about how sth works through ex3

Extend the reading text by drawing a flow chart so Ss complete the steps of their daily routine.


study NAV

WB p36 exs 2

SB p53 ex3

Στο σημερινο μαθημα τα παιδια ειδαν καποιες νεες λεξεις και τισ εγραψαν στο τετραδιο τουσ NAV. Επειτα, ασχοληθηκαν με το κειμενο στη σελ 52, 53. Ειχαν την ευκαιρια να θυμηθουν τα μεσα μεταφορας, να βαλουν στη σωστη σειρα τι κανει καποιος για να κανει μια βολτα με αεροστατο. Τελος βρηκαν πληροφοριες μεσα στο κειμενο αν ειναι αληθεις η’ οχι και να φτιαξουν ενα οριζοντιο γραφημα βαζοντας στη σωστη σειρα τι κανουν το πρψι που ξυπνανε μεχρι να πανε σχολειο.


  1. exciting/ It’s always exciting to see a colourful hot air balloon in the sky.
  2. gather/ The children gather in Mike’s house every Saturday to play video games.
  3. same/ My friend Mary and I have the same school bag. It’s big and orange.
  4. ground/ Leaves fall to the ground in autumn.
  5. light gas/ We can light gas to make fire.
  6. heater, heat/ People use heaters to heat the rooms of the house.
  7. pilot/ Pilots fly planes in the sky.
  8. basket/ Click on a thing you want to buy and put it in the basket.
  9. wind, blow/ The wind blows the balloon along.
  10. chase/ Tom chases Jerry.
  11. van/ the Smiths have a van and not a car because they have five kids.
  12. safe/ Because there is covid, we stay home to be safe.
  13. land/ The pilot lands the plane on the ground.