Costas/A Level/T-TH/22-10-2020



  1. check GIU exs
  2. check NAV
  3. present, practice NAV SB p18
  4. WB p7 ex2


  • present NAV
  • warm up, draw clocks and ask Qs
  • present daily routines from the SB
  • Ss use the voc
  • Ss recycle previous voc
  • practice new voc SB p18 ex1,2
  • wrap up, Ss talk about their peers and their routines.
  • WB p7ex2
  • assign HW


study nav


have a shower Paul has a shower every morning before school.

make my bed I always make my bed after I get up.

come home My dad comes home at five o’clock in the afternoon.

have a snack I have a lot of snacks in the day because I am hungry.

do my homework I have to do my homework for school every day.

half past I get up at half past seven in the morning.

quarter past The boys play football at quarter past six.

quarter to Mum comes back home at quarter to four.