Costas/A level/T-TH/4-3-2021/online




present nav

present new topic for SOTW

present and practise unit 10 from the grammar book

describe unusual animal senses

compare and contrast human and animal senses


present the new grammar in the IWB with a timeline

warm up, use the IWB to draw eyes, ears, nose etc. so that students get a chance to remember their vocabulary.

on the IWB write  prompts so that students complete full sentences

present the reading text on the students book page 72.

students listen to the audio file that is the reading text and then the teacher checks comprehension through questions.

use graphic literacy on page 72 to compare and contrast human and animal senses.

talk about the animals on the reading exercise so that the students warm up before the actual task

students do exercise two on page 73

teacher writes the word unusual on the IWB so that students talk about differences between the animals and how each one uses its senses.

Page 73 exercise three

teacher draws a three column table on the IWB, labels two columns people and animals and prompts students to write about differences


study NAV

GIU: p31 exs 1,2,3

WB p51 exs2,3


today is a sunny day. Let’s go outside to play

Close your eyes and imagine you’re relying lying

you have to brush your teeth before you go to bed

Mom is wearing a ring on her finger

cats use the whiskers to feel things around them

there are a lot of hairs on the floor because I have a dog

chameleons have got good sight because they can look up and down at the same time