CPE2_A 1/12/20 Elena

1/12/20 CPE2_A

Aims: writing a report // UoE trsf // revise and assess voc u9


Check Wb revision p97 and take the voc test u9


Sb p128-129 writing a report for a uni fair

Formal language – not personal evaluation+ recommendations


Trsf: Use between three and six words. 


41 The director said firmly that he wanted to be present in all the interviews.


It was the director  _____________  present in all the interviews.

42 If you want to have a long-lasting weight loss, you need to modify your diet.


I was _____________________    a long-lasting weight loss.

43 We would like you to give your reasons for joining the company.


We would like _________________   to join the company.

44 I find the way our company uses social media to boost sales fascinating.


__________________ company is using social media to boost sales.

45 I had to contact my manager because I couldn’t solve the problem.


________________ the problem, I contacted my manager.



Watch this ted ed video and answer open ended questions

https://edpuzzle.com/assignments/5fb651e09979a840fec8a2cd/watch In the chat if time otherwise I’ll send it in edmodo



Edmodo ass + upload 2 more

Workbook p98-99 and revise u7-9

Writing u 9