Time:2hrs – 5th Lesson

  • check h/w on wb
  • then do wb p.7 ex1 listening and ex 2
  • Story
  • pair work SB p.9 ex2
  • Ss act out the story
  • Present NAV
    1. Princess Anne lives in a castle.
    2. Ben, can you break the code to read the clues?
    3. Don’t climb that tree. It’s dangerous.
    4. We were shocked to hear that our teacher was in hospital.
    5. I don’t know the answer to your question but I can guess
    6. The heart is the symbol of love.
    7. This dog is very strange. It’s got one black and one brown eye!
    8. I can’t remember where I put my bag. It’s not in your room, is it?




WB p.8-9