Time:1hr  –  13th Lesson



-write a vocabulary quiz

-present a project

-learn new vocabulary



-quiz unit 1 on quizizz

-project presentation:Museums

-NAV presentation on SNB:

  1. I like going on holidays to the mountains, not to the sea.
  2. The forest on Parnitha is full of tall trees and many animals.
  3. Every Easter we go to my mother’s village in the Peloponnese.
  4. I used to sail my boat on lake Plastira in Karditsa when I was young.
  5. Crete is a beautiful island.
  6. My grandpa is a farmer and works in the fields.
  7. The Pineios is a river in Thessaly, in Greece.
  8. “Do you know where’s the cinema?” “I’m going there too. Follow me!”
  9. There’s a nice beach in Koutsounari on Crete. Follow the path between Hotels Pelagos and Sunwing and you’ll see it.”
  10. I want another glass of water because I’m still a bit




WB p.22