Time:2hrs  7th Lesson


  • quiz intro unit
  • check wb
  • revise nav from previous time
  • present NAV on NB
  • NB game
  • Present rules: must and mustn’t
  • SB p.11:Ex.1



WB:p.10:ex.1,2 , p.11:ex.1,2

Study NAV:

  1. Knights used a shield to cover and protect themselves
  2. Ben and Lucy found a bow and some arrows on the castle wall.
  3. Knights used to fight with swords.
  4. “There’s someone at the door.” “Oh, yes, it’s dad!”
  5. “What does this sign say?” “You mustn’t play football in the park.”
  6. You must always put your dog on a lead/leash when you take it for a walk.
  7. Let me put your coat in the cloakroom, madam.