1st Lesson


  • Greet Ls
  • cloud game

Write up about 8 words or numbers about yourself in a mind map on the board, eg. Mark, 31, Blade Runner, etc.

Tell learners that these are the answers to questions about yourself. Ask them to guess what the questions are. This is a nice way to tell them a bit about yourself and satisfy their curiosity!

Next, you could either get learners to just ask each other the same questions, or get them to make their own clouds and guess the questions that the words answer

  • shopping now and then -> how has shopping changed? discuss with Ss, then watch a video on and then have Ss share their impressions on this new retail experience
  • Intro to Unit 1 SB – talk about summer activities and unusual ones Ss want to or have tried
  • If time read the 7 day challenge