dora/year 4 /19/1/2021

check voc /check hw


1.       ship We have to get the ship to travel to Crete.
2.       scooter I ride my scooter in the park.
3.       taxi My uncle drives a taxi.
4.       motorbike I want to ride a motorbike.
5.       too “How do you get to school?” “I get the bus. You?” “I do, too.”
6.       get on After school, I get on my bike and I ride home.
7.       uphill I sometimes ride uphill and I get tired.
8.       coast downhill/ be careful I like coasting downhill. It is very fast and you have to be careful.
9.       get off/ park When I get home, I get off my bike and park it in the garage.
10.   but My mum gets the bus to work, but my dad gets the underground.


then present and practise but as a cintrast / do relevant activities in student’s book on pg 51

play the game on pg 51 sts use the cards and work in pairs to form sentnences using but