dora/ year 5 / 15/11/2021

check HW


  1. Look at the lightning in the shy. It’s going to rain.
  2. The weather is awful so, we can’t go out for a walk.
  3. “The bus must be arriving soon.” “Yes, it’s on its way
  4. I don’t have much time. I must finish my work as quickly as possible.
  5. Look! A bird is falling out of the tree!
  6. I fell and hurt my arm.
  7. Stop shouting and tell me what happened!
  8. Dad took the fire extinguisher to put out the fire in the kitchen.

present and practise I was doing in grammar book / watch a relevant video

compare and contrast I did/ I was doing through examples

do relevant activities in student’s book pg 35,37

role play using Past Continuous


liste nto the song and do the relvant activities in workbook

assign hw