dora/year4/ 26/1/2021

check voc/ check hw


1.       but My mum gets the bus to work, but my dad gets the underground.
2.       cereal Jenny likes cereal for breakfast.
3.       your turn You’re playing now. It’s your turn to throw a card.
4.       exciting It’s always exciting to see a colourful hot air balloon in the sky.
5.       gather The children gather in Mike’s house every Saturday to play video games.
6.       same My friend Mary and I have the same school bag. It’s orange and big.
7.       ground Leaves fall to the ground in autumn.
8.       light gas We can light gas to make a fire.
9.       heater/ heat People use heaters to heat the rooms of the house.
10.   pilot Pilots fly planes in the sky.

watch a video about how people travel

ask relevant questions How do people choose to travel? Is it slow? Does it take a long time? Or is it fast?

while watching the video keep notes about four kinds of transport / how they move/ where they go/ how we can use them

report to class

then extended reading about the lion and the mouse

preteach relevant voc chew, net, paw , comprehension questions

if time exercise two on pg 59/ put the story in the right order in pairs / check with the class