welcome sts back to school /

ask about Christmas activities

then check voc/ check homework

then sts present one by one their favourite outdoor place

present nav

student’s book / pg 34 sts listen and repeat

then do the listening activity on the same page / check as a class

  1. The flood has destroyed many houses and cars.
  2. When the accident happened they called the emergency services.
  3. The firefighter came quickly and got the children out of the building that was on fire.
  4. The ambulance came and the paramedic jumped out to help the people from the accident.
  5. Look at the lightning in the shy. It’s going to rain.
  6. The weather is awful so, we can’t go out for a walk.
  7. “The bus must be arriving soon.” “Yes, it’s on its way
  8. I don’t have much time. I must finish my work as quickly as possible.