FCE_Dec20 3/9/20 Elena

Thu 3/9/20, 11-13.30

Welcome back ss

Collect writings review of a restaurant

Sb p51-u4 and revise orally on the board p29-u2

U6 My first job

goals: U6 p62-63 listening prt3 + voc related to jobs

Nav 6.1 https://quizlet.com/184355051/flashcards

  1. Why don’t you apply for a part-time job?
  2. Decorating that room was hard work.
  3. Is there any possibility of changing this ticket?
  4. Don’t miss this opportunity to win a million pounds.
  5. We met on several occasions to discuss the issue.
  6. He does manual work, he is a carpenter.
  7. I’ll find a temporary job, like waitressing, until I can find something more permanent, relevant to my studies.
  8. Decorating is usually a compromise between taste and cost.
  9. When they promoted me, it was a daunting challenge but, I pulled through!
  10. I wonder what he’s making for dinner

Sb p62 listening

P63 easily confused words: work/job, opportunity/occasion/possibility, fun/funny ex1-2

Ex3-4 adjectives to describe jobs

(if time: P66 ex 2 use phrases to make complete sentences about the pictures)


  1. NAV u6.1 + edmodo https://quizlet.com/184355051/flashcards
  2. Write a paragraph about 2 unusual / interesting jobs using new voc to give detailed information/opinion
  3. Wb p24-25 voc ex1-2