Katherine /D/ 05.11.20

Aims: Vocabulary

1.Is the content of the book suitable for children?
2. I hesitated because I wasn’t sure how best to answer.
3. We live in a five-storey building near the city centre.
4. I was so embarrassed that I went red right away.
5. He laughed nervously and I could tell he was hiding something.
6. He was sweating so much that it was obvious he wasn’t telling the truth.
7. The doctors confirmed that the bone was broken.
8. I waited for two hours and eventually Simon arrived.
9. It’s a problem for commuters when trains are frequently cancelled.
10. Please remain in your seats until the plane has stopped.
11. In some places, the path can be wet and slippery.


ex. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 page 30



ex. 2,4,5 page 27