Katherine /D/ 12.01.21

Aims: Listening


Ss share their holiday experience


Lead in

ex. 1,2,3 page 56


Pre-teach New vocabulary

-You’re capable of much better grades if you work harder

-Her rival/(opponent )was good, but she had been training hard and was sure she could beat her.

Her opponent in today’s match will be a fifteen- year-old from Sweden

Jack often comes home from rugby covered in cuts and bruises

I will tell you the news but please keep it to yourself

It doesn’t matter what you wear, as long as you look neat and tidy.

You have to finish first or second in this race to qualify for the final


Listening for gist + detail ex. 4+6 page 56

Speaking activity: ss discuss the statements from ex. 6, which are true for them and why.

Monitor and feedback – error correction.


Absent students : Joy Raftopoulou

Homework – Edmodo