Katherine /D/ 16.02.21

Aims: Vocabulary


1.Some old comics are worth a lot of money

  1. The concert tickets cost $100.
  2. Picasso is considered to be/is regarded as one of history’s greatest artists.
  3. I lent that book to Mike, but he’s going to give it back tomorrow.
  4. Members get a 15% discount on everything they buy.
  5. The students made up stories about life on a desert island.
  6. Be quiet and get on with your work!
  7. Actors have to learn their lines by heart.
  8. I picked up a few words of Spanish when I was there last year

ex. 1,2,3,4,5,6 page 72


ss discuss if money is important to them and if they would like to run their own business using new vocabulary


No absent students

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