Katherine /E/ 01.07.20

Aims: Grammar / vocabulary / speaking

Language through text
ex. 3 page 13
Language clarification on comparatives and superlatives phrases
Meaning – form – phonology

ex. 1 + 4 page 13

speaking activity
ss answer questions with their partner using some of the phrases

Vocabulary sentences
Speaking activity using the key vocabulary

Lead in Speaking ex. 1 page 15
Ss compare the pictures exx. 2 page 15

Write emergent language on the board and elicit key phrases
Ss match the phrases with the heading : phrases to express differences / phrases to express similarities
In both photos, …
Both photos show …
The photos are similar because …
One/Another similarity is that …
One of the main differences is that …
In the first photo … , whereas in the second one …
One photo is brighter/darker/more atmospheric, etc. than the other one.

further practice using the key language
ex. 6 page 15
ss give each other points when they use a key phrase

If time
ex. 7 page 15
vocabulary game from resources


16. Come on! Go with us on that cruise, you won’t regret it!
17. I wouldn’t recommend using a sunbed on a regular basis.
18. Catherine’s parents don’t approve of her marriage.
19. Jake definitely has two left feet. He’s been taking dancing lessons for two years but
he still constantly steps on my feet! (be clumsy)
20. Finding enough money for the project was the first hurdle.
21. Frank faced a nerve-racking wait for his medical test results.
She found the city quite overwhelming when she first arrived.
22. At first my mum was stubborn, but in the end, she reluctantly agreed to buying me a
23. I’m sorry, but I can’t eat it. It might be a delicacy but it just looks too yucky!
24. Women are more likely to have the condition than men
25. The older I get, the keener I am to keep it to myself

ex. 1+2+3+4 page 20
Learn vocabulary
Edmodo acitivities