Speaking Pg 50

Exercise 1: Breakout room
Exercise 2: Key words preface: Lounge, bright, celebrating, popcorn, group of
Exercise 3: Not mentioned
*Six friends, them,
* Sitting on a sofa – does not name the room
*most of them are wearing – not specific!
*They are watching, they are happy, they are celebrating – not on specific people
*They are happy (does not mention what she thinks)
Exercise 4: Each student describes one of the people answering all questions.
Exercise 5: check understanding of phrases, practice once with teacher
Exercise 6: Teacher & student practice example, then breakout rooms for notes for picture on 157, present. Do the same for picture on 159.
Exercise 8: Quick breakout rooms, and then class share.

WB Pg 37 Ex 1-2