1. Review Johari Window HW
  2. NAV Review – Quizziz

Start on pg 164, make clear it’s about practicing part 4. Give them 5 minutes to read briefly.
Ex 1: Teacher example, 2-3 students share.
Ex 2: Is part 3 on pg 163, and exericse 5 is part 4. Write down responses for the “ten year old musical genius”. Brainstorm waterfall. In pairs, choose 2 to discuss. Class share.
Ex 3: call on new 2-3 students.
Ex 4: Key words: No one real answer, make it to the top, the more x, the -er it is, as we saw in the previous discussion, the path is too hard, do you agree it’s all about motivaiton? If I can come in here. Absolutely, I completely agree, absolutely right, doesn’t it? it’s also, Yes, or simply adding on without specific agreement. i.e. refuse to give up —strong minded.
* Ask example questions from pg 164 and have 6 students practice the “useful language: giving yourself time”
Ex 5: Assign or ask for volunteers for each group.
Ex 6: Teacher example first, then as a class writing for the first one, breakout rooms for the next two.

NAV Review

HW: https://www.jbu.edu/assets/international/resource/file/missions/Working_with_Cultural_Helper1.pdf