1. Pg 45, Ex 2 Breakout rooms.
  2. Final NAV
  3. Ex 3, 4
  4.  Ex 5 as a class
  5. Ex 6 & 7 breakout rooms
  6. Ex 8 breakout rooms
  7. Ex 9 class discussion
  8. WB Pg 33 Exercise 1

HW: Record your voice answering the following questions. Use as many phrases of “expressing disagreement” or “expressing preference” from pg 45 that you can!

  1. People should care about smaller creatures like insects, as well as larger animals.
  2. Our class should create a garden to attract butterflies.
  3. Do you think we should visit the old horses’ home or help clean the beach this weekend?
  4. Some people really don’t seem to care about how much plastic they throw away!
  5. I don’t know whether to help out at a rhino rescue centre in Africa or help giant tortoises at the local wildlife park this summer.
  6. My teacher’s asked for ideas about what to do to help the environment but I’m not sure what to suggest