1. Review previous NAV
  2. Explore grammar – Provide reasons for the exercise 
  3. Focus on reasons why and identifying which words can be reduced 
  4. Review strategies for open/cloze
  5. Exercise 5, ask why for each
  6. Exercise 6 – read sample before asking 2 students.

Workbook pg 53, exercises 1-2

Pg 72

  1. Read sample answer first, ask three students. Exercise 2 together. Exercise 3 in breakout rooms, New NAV.
  2. Exercise 4 as a group.
  3. Ex 5 & 6. Strategy for multiple choice open/cloze. Focus on 9 collocations from 4 words
  4. End with speaking, exercise 7

Homework: https://www.edutopia.org/article/extracurriculars-play-vital-role-during-pandemic. Read this article and answer the following questions in 120 words.

  1. What clubs do you wish your school had in general? And, which type of clubs do you think would work well during a pandemic like the one we have all experienced?
  2. Did you like the article? Why or why not? Justify with reasons.