NASSOS CPE1 2 November 2020


  • Speaking: describe a person – looks and personality traits
  • Listening: for gist / detail
  • Grammar: Review past tenses. Practise using past forms to create distance from the present / indicate politeness or tentativeness.
  • Writing: practise writing a short narrative text.
  • Vocabulary: learn and practise using verbs and collocations to do with memory.




  • Grammar: Check HW WB ex 2,3,4 p 6


  • Creative Writing: as a follow-up to CB ex 5 p 10, Ss work in groups and imagine a continuation of Ethan’s dream to write a short paragraph. They must use each narrative tense at least once. One S reads out paragraph to class – peer evaluation.


  • Listening & Speaking CB p 11.


  • Vocabulary: Check HW CB p 11.

HW: WB ex 1,3,4 p 7 CB ex 1,2,4,6 p 13