NASSOS Pre-FCE 9 November 2020


VOCABULARY: learn and practise using phrasal verbs and idiomatic L to do with going on holiday, travel anecdotes and travel apps.

LISTENING: for detail – identify specific words.

GRAMMAR: review of articles (a/n, the, zero)


  • Active vocabulary:


  1. She reached the summit on her third attempt!
  2. Tourism has provided many jobs for people who live in the area.
  3. I lost my bag at the airport. But I didn’t let that spoil my day!
  4. What stunning scenery. I’ve never seen anything like it before.
  5. I’d certainly think twice about trying to cross the river on that old rope bridge.
  6. Africa is such a vast continent it would take you months to see it all!
  7. When you work in a team you can bounce your ideas off each other.
  8. I came across an old diary in her desk.




  • Listening & Vocabulary CB p 25
  • Listening: multiple-choice, longer text p 26 + relevant vocabulary.
  • Grammar CB p 27


  • HW: CB ex 1-4 p 28, ex 3-7 pp 30-31