Vassiliki/A class/M-W/16-11-2020

– Quiz (
– Check WB: pg. 17, ex. 2/ Check some of the writings, not all of them
– Presentation of some of the projects
– Present NAV
– SB: pg. 28-29 (Practice Places)
– How often do you…?/ What time do you…? – ask your partner + report + treasure hunt game


– study NAV

9. You can play on the swings in the park.
10. You can read books at the library.
11. You can watch a football match in the stadium.
12. Let’s go to the shopping centre and buy some clothes.
13. You look lost. Do you need help?
14. I can’t help you now. I’m busy with my homework.

15. Some people live in big towns and some people live in small villages.
16. There are interesting places to go in big towns.

– WB: pg. 20, ex. 2/ pg. 21, ex. 1

All present!