Vassiliki/A class/T-T/13-10-2020

6th Lesson (2h)


  • write a quiz
  • introduce Unit 1
  • practice “helping hands” voc

Remind Ss of SOTW (person talking in English the most)

Present the 4 seasons

Write the Quiz (give Ss 10’)

Present NAV (Introduction to Unit 1 – Helping Hands)

Say The name of this Unit is ‘A Helping Hand’. Hold out your hands and say These are my hands. Say Show me your hands. Ask Ss to hold out their hands. Say We can use our hands to help.

Show Ss the picture on SB: pg. 10 and elicit what they can see. Ask Ss how we can help other people. Guide Ss through the activity on pg. 10. Read each statement ad option aloud. For each option, ask Ss to say Yes or No. discuss each statement. Then confirm the correct answers.

Draw a word web with help in the middle. Ask Who are some people who help? (teachers, doctors, police, family). Model one answer, for example, doctors. Say Doctors are people who help. Record Ss’ answers in the remaining outer circles. Next, point to each circle and ask How does this person help?

SB: pg. 12, listen and repeat, the words first, the sentences after that. Develop a hand gesture or motion for each phrase and ask them to find the phrase based on what they see. Ask them to perform with you.

Provide S with paper and coloured pencils. Say Think about how people care for others. Draw a picture to show caring for others. Ask Ss to draw pictures that show how someone cares for them, or how they care for another person or for a pet. When Ss have finished, ask them to share their drawings with the class. Invite Ss to explain their drawings. Encourage them to use voc words.

Role-play like the one on pg. 13.

Write 4 problems on different pieces of paper, such as Something fell on the floor; My cat is hungry; Your bed is messy; The dog is dirty. Put Ss into 4 groups. Give each group one of the pieces of paper. Say Read the sentence. Talk about how you can help and write it down. Give Ss 5’ ask each group to read their problem and solution aloud. Ask What is the problem? What can you do?

GIU if there is extra time left


  • study NAV
1.       One of our classroom’s rules is to help each other.
2.       I hug my mum every day before school.
3.       Our teacher teaches us new things.
4.       We hold hands when we cross the road.
5.       I feed my pet twice a day.
6.       I take care of my pet. I feed it and I play with it.
7.       I often pick my little brother up.
8.       I give my pet a bath every Saturday.
9.       My mum and my dad want to protect me.


  • Draw the pictures from SB: pg. 12-13 and write the words/phrases next to them (in writing notebook)