Vassiliki/A class/T-T/15-10-2020

7th Lesson (1h)


  • Present NAV
  • Practice through a song

Announce the SOTW

Check voc (ask them to use their marker and post-it)

Check their drawings

Present NAV

Song time (SB: pg. 14-15): ask Ss to look at page 15 and elicit what they can see. Ask questions like (What animal can you see?/ Does the animal look happy or sad?/ Is the goat a pet?/ Do you have a pet?/ What pet do you have?)

Listen to the song and ask Ss to focus on the names of the animals and people they hear in the song. Ask them to show a different gesture for when they listen to an animal and another one for when they listen to a person.

Listen again and sing. Then, ask questions like (How does the girl take care of the cat?/ How does the girl take care of her sister?)

If there is no time for the song, do WB: pg. 4-5, listening



  • Study NAV
Mary brushes her teeth before she goes to bed.
The boys play football after school.
“Why is your hair a mess?” “I don’t have a comb.
I like goat’s milk a lot.
Brush your teeth and put your pyjamas on. It’s bedtime.
Mike leaves school at two o’clock in the afternoon.
Paul has a shower every morning before school.


  • Photocopy