Vassiliki/A class/T-T/29-9-2020

2nd Lesson (2h)


Organize notebooks

Present NAV

Ask Ss to open their books to page 4. Say Welcome to our class. Gesture to the classroom. Ask Ss to repeat. Say We work in class, we work in groups, we work with partners, we help other Ss in the class.

Point to the first conversation in the top left corner of the page. Say We say words in English. Point to the second conversation. Say We spell words in English. We write letters. Point to the third conversation. Say We read and learn. We don’t always understand everything at first. Point to the fourth conversation. Say We help others.

Play TR:0.1. Pause the audio after the first two sentences. Ask two Ss to role-play the conversation. One reads the question and the other reads the answer. Ask the class to repeat each sentence. Repeat this process with the next three conversations. Ask different Ss to role-play each conversation.

Introduce seasons through a video: and answer the questions of the video

Seasons (pg. 5): give descriptions of the seasons and ask for the their names. Show them the flashcards and ask them to repeat. Do exercises 1, 2, 3 in the pg.5

Word map consisting of seasons, months, activities, weather, clothes.

Play the board game as a class to practice seasons/months/weather.



study NAV

1.       spell “How do you spell rubber?”  “r-u-b-b-e-r”
2.       repeat “Could you repeat that, please?”  “Yes. It’s r-u-b-b-e-r.”
3.       Of course “Can you help me tidy up the living room?” “Of course!”
4.       understand I don’t understand what the teacher says. Can you help me?
5.       season/summer/sunny “What season is it?” “It’s summer because it’s hot and sunny.”
6.       winter/cold/snowy “It’s cold and snowy. What season is it?” “It’s winter.”
7.       spring “The trees have got flowers. What season is it?” “It’s spring.”


WB: pg. 1, ex. 1/ pg. 2, ex. 3