Vassiliki/A class/T-T/6-10-2020

4th Lesson (2h)


  • Check h/w + voc
  • Revise operations and ordinal numbers
  • Birthday questionnaire
  • Possessive/object pronouns

Check voc + WB: pg. 2, ex. 4

SOTW: the S talking most in English

Present NAV

Revise mathematical operations and do WB: pg. 1, ex. 2 + finish the board game

Draw Ss’ attention on page 7. Pause the audio after 5th. Point to each number in the photo as you say the number aloud. Say first, second, third, fourth, fifth. Ask Ss to point in their books and repeat. Continue to play the audio. Pause after every four numbers and ask Ss to repeat them aloud. Then, call out a number such as seventeen. Ask Ss to change the number to talk about order. Repeat with more numbers.

Ask them to draw 2-column table graphic organisers. Tell Ss to walk around the room asking one another When’s is your birthday? Ss should write notes in their tables. Tell them to write classmates’ names in the first column and their birthdays in the second. After a few minutes, ask Ss to share information about their classmates’ birthdays from their tables.

After that, ask them to stand up and be lined up according to the date of their birthday.

Say Let’s talk about things people have got. Hold up a pencil. Say I have got a pencil. Point to yourself. Say The pencil is mine. Ask a S to hold up her/his pencil. Model and say You have got a pencil. Hold up your pencil. Point to the S and the pencil. Say The pencil is yours. Ask a few Ss to hold up their pencils. Gesture to the Ss. Say The pencils are yours. Gesture to the whole classroom. Say We have lessons in this classroom. Gesture to indicate yourself and the Ss. Say The classroom is ours.

SB: pg. 8: listen + repeat.

Point to the kite in the first picture. Ask and answer Whose kite is that? The kite is mine. Point to the picture of the coat. Ask a S Whose coat is that? (The coat is yours). Write on the board: Whose __________ is that? In pairs, tell Ss to ask and answer questions about the pictures in ex. 1.

Point to a notebook on a S’s desk. Ask Whose notebook is this? (It’s his/hers). Point to your own desk or other object. Ask Whose (desk) is this? (It’s yours). Ask Ss to look at the conversation at the bottom of page 8. Role-play the conversation with a S. hold up your own pencil as you ask. Ask Ss to repeat the question and answer. Let them role-play more in pairs.

Direct Ss attention to Activity 3 on page 9. Play it and repeat. Ask a S to point to one other S in the class for him. Ask another S to point to several Ss to show them.

Read item 1 aloud. Do it together. Then put Ss in pairs and let them do it alone. Report in the end.



study NAV

1.       twenty-first “When is your birthday?” “It’s on twenty-first of May.”
2.       mine/yours This pen is not yours. It’s mine.
3.       Whose “Whose pencil is this?” “It’s not mine. It’s Georgia’s?
4.       me I don’t have a notebook. Can you give me a piece of paper?
5.       Let’s “We’ve got a lot of free time. What can we do?” “Let’s play football in the park.”


WB: pg. 3, ex. 5, 6