Vassiliki/C class/M-W/12-10-2020

6th Lesson (2h)


Remind them of the SOTW (the S talking in English the most)

Check voc (  + WB: pg. 11, ex. 5/ GIU: pg. 3, ex. 1.1

Ss present their identity box and talk about the things/people that define their character and personality.

Present Simple vs Present Continuous (notebook)

Interview role-play to practice the use of simple present/present continuous

SB: pg. 12, ex. 2, 3 (Listening Practice)

GIU: pg. 7, ex. 3.1

Voc game (to recycle)


GIU: pg. 3, ex. 1.4/ pg. 5, ex. 2.2

Online Workbook