Vassiliki/C class/M-W/19-10-2020

8th Lesson (C class)


  • Practice listening and speaking skills
  • Collocations

Vocabulary game/ check GIU: pg. 3, ex. 1.3/ pg. 5, ex. 2.4/ pg. 7, ex. 3.3

SB: pg. 12, the box and ex. 2, 3

Present the collocations through an anecdote

Check what prepositions come after/ use the collocations and ask to know more about your partner.

Then ask them to tell a story including all these collocations. The story should be told as a group. Each person will tell one sentence using one of the collocations.

Practice listening pg. 14, ex. 1, 3

Provide students with cut-outs of the questions and options so that Ss decide which options go under each question and focus on reading first and then listening.

How to expand your answers while talking (practice through SB: pg. 15)

Finishing activity: write a sentence on the board, e.g. Pizza is the tastiest food in the world. The 1st S gives a reason. The 2nd S gives a different reason. Each S in turn gives a different reason. When a S can’t think of one, they’re out. The winner is the last S remaining. Give prompts like: One reason is that…/Another reason is that…/Also…/On the top of that… .



SB: pg. 12, ex. 4/ pg. 13, ex. 5/ pg. 14, ex. 8