Vassiliki/C class/M-W/2-11-2020

11th Lesson (2h)


  • Revise voc Unit 1
  • Practice Writing skills

Check GIU: pg. 9, ex. 4.2

Present their stories by using stative verbs in the correct way

Revise voc for Unit 1 (quiz next time)

SB: pg. 16-17, writing

Make notes about the place you live in – Work in pairs and discuss if the writing has what is needed – write the email if there is time)

Introduction to gender equality (SB: pg. 18, watch the video and do the T/F activity)


Revise NAV Unit 1 (quiz)

SB: pg. 17, ex. 4/ pg. 19, ex. 1, 2

Online Workbook