Vassiliki/C class/M-W/23-12-2020


Check GIU: pg. 211, ex. 105.3/ pg. 217, ex. 108.1, 108.2

present projects

new NAV (Unit 3)

1. The factory produces 100 cars per hour.

2. Experts predict that the economic situation will improve.

3. Winning the championship was an incredible feeling.

4. You can buy the book directly from the publisher.

5. Her mother suggested that she should go and see the doctor.

6. Free wi-fi is pretty common these days. Almost every coffee shop offers it.

7. A lot of talented young musicians performed at the Glastonbury Festival last year.

8. This new intelligent machine can learn to recognise human emotion.

9. He applied for a visa three times and in the end he was successful.

Christmas Quiz

GIU: pg. 211, ex. 105.2
Online Workbook
SB: pg. 35, read the text
revise voc units 1-3
Project for Jim, Iokasti