Vassiliki/C class/M-W/5-10-2020

4th Lesson (2h)


  • Check voc + h/w
  • Introduction to the Identity Unit
  • Practice speaking/listening/reading skills

Check voc + h/w (sentences)

Present SOTW topic (the S talking in English the most)/ Present NAV

Write the Unit title Identity on the board. Put Ss into pairs. Ask them to read the title and think of ideas of what makes up a person’s identity (e.g. culture, family, friends etc.). conduct feedback. Ask pairs to discuss which of the things on their list they think has had the most impact on their identity. Rank from the most to the least important.

Ask Ss to read the quote Be who you are and discuss what they think it means in pairs (Be yourself without worrying what other people think). watch the video and try to make Ss to see the connection between the video and the picture in SB: pg. 9 (people look different in pictures and social media from what they really are).


Present your own identity box and let them also watch the following video: Ask Ss to think of any words that could describe themselves and share with a partner. Then, they present their partner’s identity in class.

Practice reading skills SB: pg. 10-11, ex. 2, 4, 5


If there is time left, do listening, SB: pg. 14



Study NAV

  • I’ve always been interested in music. I like singing and playing musical instruments.
  • Daniel’s very keen on tennis. He plays it almost every day!
  • We have similar tastes in music. We both like jazz.
  • I always get stressed before exams. I can’t sleep and I worry that I’ll fail.
  • What’s the matter? Are you cross with me? (annoyed/angry)
  • Passengers for Liverpool should change trains at Crewe.
  • I meet up with my friends at the weekend.
  • It was quite an interesting story.


SB: pg. 13, ex. 1,  3