review  phrases from the story

practise the story  st.book p.26  [students  each take a role of one of the characters]

present and practise the present simple third person

singular questions and singular short answers

example: Does the hippo like bananas? Yes, it does.

_____the  hippo like apples ? Yes, it _______.

Does  the hippo like peas? No,it doesn’t.

_____the zebra like peas? No , it __________.

st.book p.25 ex.1 st. read the questions and draw lines to the right answer.

example: 1.Does the baby mouse sleep a lot?  Yes, it does. It sleeps all day.

st.book p.25 ex3   students ask and answer about Mark and Emma.

examlpe: Does Mark like bananas? Yes, he does.

Does Mark like apples? No, he doesn’t.



1. s/c3x:  Does Mark like bananas? Yes, he does.

Does Emma like bananas? No,she doesn’t.

2. Draw  a picture of a baby animal  and write a short text  about it.

e.g.This is my baby hippo. It sleeps a lot. It eats…….but it doesn’t eat…….

Use ex.1 st.book p.25  as a model

3. w/b: p.24 ex.1