08/07/20 – FCESummer20

Listening Part 3
Exercise 1: Underline main ideas & Main Idea Synonyms/Rephrases
Exercise 2: Listening & Pair Share
Grammar 3: At, In, On
Exercise 2 preposition sentence creation
Preposition Bamboozle Game
Writing Part 2
1. Review exam info
2. Underline key information
3. Listen to Exercise 2 (x2)
4. Read the story Exercise 5
5. Planning Process
1. How many paragraphs? What subjects of the paragraphs?
2. What adjectives or phrases will you use? What grammar?
3. What events or activities were memorable?

Chapter Final Review Activities
1. Students describe well known locations and rest of class tries to guess
2. Students must convince the ‘teacher’ of their preferred school trip