Papademetriou School

14/07/20 – Ch 5, L1, Summer2020

  1. Starting off (25)
    1. Part 1 &2
      1. Pairs and then sharing about their partner.
      2. Three sentences, at least one follow up questions
    2. Extension: Two groups decide on subject not taught in schools that should be
  2. Listening Part 1 (20)
    1. Cover definitions and create own in partners.
    2. Write a sentence or paragraph using as many of the words and phrases as possible, then practice rephrasing their writing
  3. Exam Prep (7 minutes)
    1. Ex 2. Read questions only. Close book and try to repeat the questions. Open book and rephrase.
    2. Questions about each question. Partner’s, then as a class.
  4. Listening (10)
    1. Play recording, students take notes, check with partners, play again. Why are incorrect answers incorrect?
  5. Vocabulary: Phrasal Verbs (20 minutes)
    1. Identify phrasal verbs in the listening transcript, work alone to match with definitions, use the transcript to help build the context, expand on uses of each phrasal verb.
      1. Picture identification of phrasal verbs
  6. Exercise 2
    1. Work alone #1-6, then pairs create sentences using the phrasal verbs using the “beep”
  7. Exercise 3