26/5/2020 online, Absents: Xanthi, Adriana

We corrected ex. on WB p. 83-85

We then moved on to practise prepositions and work on the exercises in our Grammar book, unit 106

Finally, we had a short introduction to our story in unit 7


Study NAV

ate Ben ate a banana yesterday.
switch on Switch on the TV, please. I want to watch a film.’
What happened (on Monday)? “What happened on Monday?” “I played basketball.”
lolly “Can I have a lolly, please?” ” No, it’s not good for you”
pill The doctor gave me some pills for my stomach-ache.
quietly Rosa close the door quietly!  The baby is sleeping!
Are you all right? “Are you all right? You don’t look well.”
trap I used a trap to catch the rat.